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Terms of use

Using the site
The site “Rentcarcity.com”, is owned by the company “Solar Avenida – Actividades Turísticas, Lda”, based in the Santa Catarina Street, nº797 3º Traseiras, 4000-454 Porto (Fiscal code: 502621893).
Access to and use of the site “Rentcarcity.com,” is free and universal and is designed to serve as a first approximation between users and the organization “Solar Avenida – Actividades Turísticas, Lda.”
The site allows you to make the request for car reservation(s) to “Solar Avenue, Lda”, obtaining general information about car rentals, contact details and geographical, of this organization; all activities other than those described above, will be considered illegal.
In the event of illegal activity on the part of one or more users, they may see their access denied in the future and may be subject to penalties under the Law.

Not constituted in itself as user’s privacy invasions, the site uses cookies for the sole purpose of facilitating their use and provide a friendly experience to users.
In addition to cookies, the vistor’s IP’ are temporarily registered for the access control and booking registration puposes.
By using the Contact form and or reservations, it will be requested personal information elements. The “Solar Avenida – Actividades Turísticas, Lda” stats that these elements are used internally by its officers, solely and exclusively, to respond to your messages, or process the reservation requested by users and which, in any case, are transmitted to third parties.

Making reservations
The reservation of vehicles through the site “Rentcarcity.com” is prohibited for individuals under 18 years old, and proceeds as follows:
1. The visitor selects the dates and pickup and return locations;
2. In the next step, the visitor selects the vehicle(s) wanted to rent, choosing the various models within the available quantities;
3. Selects the desired extras, for each wanted vehicle;
4. Finally, fill in its personal and payment information and sends the reservation;
5. The site “Rentcarcity.com” instantly confirm the receipt of booking and will send you a copy to the email address indicated in the previous step.
6. The “Solar Avenida – Actividades Turísticas, Lda” receives the reservation made, check the customer identification and information and does the debit of the rental amount to the costumers credit card provided on the reservation. After that the company will send you an e-mail confirming the reservation and payment or rejects the reservation if all the requirements are not fulfilled. If there is a rejection of the reservation and, if there have already been amounts collected, they will be returned;
7. At the Pickup location, Date and Time you indicated in your reservation, for the delivery of the vehicle (s), a member of “Solar Avenida, Lda” will complete the rental agreement and will request its signature in the same and in the General Conditions of Rental that you can see below in “General Conditions of Car Rental”. The reading of the “General Car Rental Conditions” below, does not dispense with the reading of the corresponding conditions of the Contract to be delivered, before its signature.

Cancellation policy
The debit of the rental value is made immediately upon receipt of the reservation. The renter has until 7 days before the date / time of the reservation for cancellation of the same without any penalty. After this period, if the renter cancels the reservation until 48h before the date/hour of the pick up will only be charged 50% of the total value of the rental. If the renter cancels the reservation after this period or does not appear tu pick up the car the full amount of the reservation will be charged.

General conditions of car rental
1. Shipping & Returns
The pickup height, is handed a contract car rentals.
By affixing your signature in the said Agreement, the lessee recognizes that the vehicle is in good working order and that has no apparent disabilities and commits to return it to the “Solar Avenida, Lda” along with all documents and accessories in the same condition that it was given to him by the date specified in the Agreement.
The Agreement is considered automatically terminated without the need for court intervention if the same object vehicle is used under conditions that constitute violation of the same Agreement. In this case, for elem automatic termination of the Agreement the “Solar Avenida, Lda” reserves the right to reapoderar the Contract object vehicle at any time and without notice and the respective charges of the Tenant.
2. Damage
In the event of damage to the vehicle during the rental duration, the Lessee shall pay the request of the “Solar Avenida, Lda” the amount corresponding to any loss or damage and expenses incurred by the “Solar Avenida, Lda”, unless the lessee has fully complied with all terms and conditions of this Agreement.
a) An additional fee of recovery / delivery.
All fines and legal or extra-legal expenses for any infringements on the road. All expenses including legal and attorneys’ fees contracted to obtain payment of any sums due by the customer.
b) Expenses for repairs and damages caused by shock, collision or rollover of the vehicle. These costs will be eliminated under the terms of the reverse side of this Agreement, if the customer has previously contracted with “Solar Avenida, Lda”, payment for the collision damage waiver (CDW) by means of signature. The daily cost of CDW rate and the franchise, ie, the amount by which the client remains responsible in case of shock, collision or rollover listed on the back of this agreement. In any case, the costs of towing the vehicle to the rental station “Solar Avenida, Lda” are always the customer’s responsibility.
3. Charges
The Lessee shall pay to the “Solar Avenida, Lda” or reimburses her will at their request, of the following amounts:
a) charges payable depending on length of rental and calculated their mileage according to the rate constant of the first page of this contract or tariff in force.
b) any charges for petrol, franchise suppression, personal accident insurance and or any incidental expenses, extrordinárias or several, applicable in accordance with the rate constant of the first page of this contract or tariff in force.
c) All taxes focusing on car rental or the amount fixed by the “Solar Avenida, Lda”, for a refund of those taxes.
d) Costs incurred by “Solar Avenida, Lda” including lawyers fees that are reasonable, emerging from the collection of payments owed by the lessee as a result of this contract. Any invoice that is not paid in arrears shall bear interest and the interest rate prescribed by law, without the need for court proceedings or notice to the tenant. In addition, and also without notice, the sum in question will be automatically increased by 15% as a penalty clause and compensation for damages, a minimum of 25 € without prejudice to the rights conferred on “Solar Avenida, Lda” of claim payment of a higher importance in cases where the losses (including legal, administrative and other expenses) exceed the amount mentioned above.
e) Penalties, interest, confiscations, court costs or other expenses imposed on “Solar Avenida, Lda” under the law applicable and related to the use of the vehicle by the Lessee during the term of the rental rsepetivo except when such expenses resulting from causes attributable to the “Solar Avenida, Lda.” The foregoing does not relieve, however, the tenant or anyone else, direct accountability to public authorities for their illegal behavior.
4. Compensation
The “Solar Avenida, Lda” shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the Renter or third parties related to the use of the vehicle, or for any loss or damage caused by Lessee’s assets that have been left in the vehicle, nor for any other event resulting either from delays in delivery times, either any engine fail or any other cause, accepting already Renter exonerate the “Solar Avenida, Lda” responsibility for everything mentioned above.
5. Terms of use
The Lessee is responsible for maintenance of the vehicle and should not allow it to be used in particular:
a) For paid transportation of people or goods.
b) To boost or tow any vehicle, trailer or any other object.
c) In any race, test or competition.
d) When the Renter or any other driver of vehicle is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, narcotics, barbiturates or any other substance that affects your consciousness or responsiveness.
e) In contravention of the rules of road traffic or other applicable standards.
f) by any person other than the lessee unless the same has been previously designated and authorized by the “Solar Avenida, Lda” in the space provided on the first page of this Agreement.
g) The Renter is responsible for damage to tires that are not merely resulting from normal wear and tear, or accidental holes.
6. Insurance
The “Solar Avenida, Lda” guarantees insurance cover for people traveling in the car with your permission (and not in any other case) in accordance with a policy of automobile liability insurance. The terms, conditions and exceptions of the same, are considered an integral part of this Agreement, included any territorial restriction which might appear on the same insurance policy. Full details and information concerning the insurance will be made available to the customer by the “Solar Avenida, Lda”. The scope of coverage may vary depending on the country in which the vehicle is registered but will always have to meet the minimum rquisitos required for this type of insurance in the country where the “Solar Avenida, Lda” authorize the movement of the vehicle in question.
7. Validity
In case of invalidity or lack of effectiveness of any of the provisions established by this Agreement, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In this case, the provision at issue should be interpreted and replaced by another form that is valid and feasible and has the same or similar effects.
8. Accidents
In case of accident, it should be immediately reported to the Police and the “Solar Avenida, Lda” within 24 hours. It must be fully filled out an accident-participation form. Third-party complaints will not be accepted by the Tenant. Data on witnesses and other vehicles involved in the accident should be obtained whenever possible. The Tenant agrees to cooperate with the “Solar Avenida, Lda” and the insurers of the “Solar Avenida, Lda” in all investigations or legal proceedings.
9. Jurisdiction
This Agreement is governed by Portuguese law and for all his emerging issues stipulated forum of the district of Porto, with waiver of any other.

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